The Israeli Prime minster Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to place his country in a state of war following the HAMAS attack last weekend.  Since then the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has called up three hundred thousand reservists and embarked upon a brutal air strike campaign.

American president Biden and Australian and British Prime Ministers Albanese and Sunak have all made statements in support of Israel condemning HAMAS taking of one hundred and thirty hostages from an Israeli music festival near the Gaza boarder, with no current dialogue open for a prisoner trade at this time.

The situation only seems to be getting more complicated as another Iranian funded terrorist group Hezbollah from Lebanon has started to fire shells into Israel and could possibly open a second front for Israel which would be a disaster for the civilian population.



Image: Image: Shutterstock – Anas-Mohammed

Produced By: Dominic Giles

Featured In Story: Dr Miriam Farida – Lecturer in Terrorism Studies – Department of Security Studies – Macquarie University

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 10 October 2023