The Western Australian state government has announced their plan to expand the Target 120 program to more towns across the state.

Target 120 is an early intervention program that aims to prevent youth, aged 10-14 years of age deemed at risk of repeat offending, from having contact with the criminal justice system.

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Youth Program Coordinator, Tristan Cole, said on-country trips will provide youth with a range of skills, including learning survival, cultural and linguistic skills in the hopes to improve their sense of identity.

Conrad MacLean spoke to Tristan Cole about Target 120 and their mission.

Image: The town of Newman in the Pilbara on lands of the Nyiyarparli and Martu people. Credit: Michael Sigrist via Wikimedia Commons.

Produced By: Conrad MacLean

Featured In Story: Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Youth Program Coordinator, Tristan Cole

First aired on The Wire, Monday 3 April 2023