Award-winning First Nations filmmaker Ivan Sen’s Limbo – which follows an investigation into a cold case murder in a small country town –  premiered this week in Adelaide. 

The theme touches on the often overlooked issue of disappeared and murdered First Nations women.  

This film follows a landmark parliamentary senate inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women being launched last year – after First Nations women working across various industries fought to bring the issue to light. 

Writing about the inquiry, researchers from the Institute for Collaborative Race Research (ICRR) said there has been a relative hush around it, despite its pertinence and urgency.

ICRR researchers also made a submission, along with Sisters Inside, to the inquiry, saying First Nations women, girls and gender diverse people are never just “missing” – they are violently disappeared.  

Radio Adelaide’s Nunga Wangga team speaks with Limbo star and community leader Natasha Wanganeen about the significance of films like this in talking about these issues. 

Image: Courtesy Bunya Productions

Produced By: Nunga Wangga, and Vida Sumner

Featured In Story: Actor-producer-writer Natasha Wanganeen, and Nunga Wangga presenter and producer Vida Sumner

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 18 May 2023