A University of Canberra report investigating coverage of diverse voices in the media has found that diverse groups must look to their own community to fill a content gap not represented on mainstream news.

However, attitudes towards inclusivity in the media are progressively shifting to reflect the nation’s rich cultural presence.

The report, Valuing Diversity in News and Newsroom, surveyed journalists and the general public on Australia’s current state of media representation.  

In the report, only 46% of participants felt that the news covers culturally diverse people fairly.

Concerns have been raised on how European and Anglo-Saxton identities dominate the newsrooms and overshadow diverse voices.

As a culturally and linguistically diverse nation, one in four Australians currently live in a non-English speaking household.

Image: Image: Gerd Altmann

Produced By: Vavineh Jordan

Featured In Story: Dr Kieran McGuinness – Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the News and Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra

First aired on The Wire, Friday 10 March 2023