Communities are reeling from natural disasters across the continent as campaigners call for immediate climate action.

This comes in the wake of an IPCC report released earlier this year which, for the first time, mentioned the crucial role First Nations people play in conserving ecosystems they have cared for and sustained for generations. 

Academics have criticised the report for still leaving out Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, especially as it comes after decades of First Nations community members and leaders fighting for self-determination and a seat at the table in discussing climate action and environmental conservation.

Award-winning wildlife conservation biologist Tiahni Jade Adamson shares her insights on this with The Wire. 

Image: Credit paresh228 Wikimedia Commons

Produced By: Anisha Pillarisetty

Featured In Story: Tiahni Jade Adamson, wildlife conservation biologist

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 19 January 2023