Are you ready to explore something new in the stunning Wynyard and Table Cape area on the North West Coast of Tasmania this Winter? Peek inside or hike through private properties that are normally off limits in JUNE 2024.   This Winter you will be given  “PERMISSION TO TRESPASS” in some very special places celebrating local stories, culture and food. This includes Moonlight Stories, a projected visual and auditory light show, tunapri, on the Table Cape Lighthouse, long table dinners and workshops, enter a Whisky Bond Store for a premium tasting or jump on a Spirited ghost tour (in more ways than one). There is something for everyone who wants an intimate understanding of place and people. Discover something new behind the locked gates this winter in North West Tasmania…Permission Granted! For further information check out the web page or check out the posters around the town for the QR codes to gain you permission to trespass. There are also self drive, pick up and accommodation packages available. Look up the site and immerse yourself into these great experiences this month of June on the NW Coast.

Date: Sat 1 June 2024 - Sun 30 June 2024