Coast FM Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2026
The Coast FM Strategic Plan is to outline the direction for the next 5 years. With most of the
latest infrastructure now in place it is now time to focus on the future and what this
community radio station will hope to achieve during this period.
Section 1: The Executive Summary
Coast FM has the potential to reach a large audience from its broadcast system as well as an
online presence. The adaption to the changing technologies will expand the possibilities and
the relationship with our stakeholders. At this point in our development we need to hold on to
our “local and live” beginnings and adapt it to a new era of broadcasting to remain a positive
link for the communities of the NW Coast and beyond.
Section 2: Mission Statement
Coast FM connects the communities of the northwest coast and sets up a common voice for
all while entertaining a range of different audience types
Section 3: SWOT Analysis
Strengths – ability to access a large market. Weakness – limited number of volunteers especially in younger generations – restrictions of 5 minutes per hour sponsor announcements for community radio stations. Opportunities – expanded its markets in the eastern end of our footprint. Threats – reduce costs in the day to day operations

Section 4: Goals
Goal 1 – improve production facilities – involve more volunteers – step up a two independent production studios – one for announcement the other for recording programs.
Goal 2 – Expand the administration – reception – finance – coordination
Goal 3 – Training of staff – On Air – production – office admin
Goal 4 – Expand promotions – increase community awareness – seek more volunteers
– Outside broadcasts – staff meeting sessions.
Section 5: Financial Plan
Coast FM is striving to achieve a financial surplus to smooth out the day to day costs that
have strained the bank balance in the past. This surplus should reach $30000 in 5 years time
to cover any incidence of major infrastructure failure. There is a need to separate the accounts
into at least

  1. Day to Day Operations Account – covering costs utility bills, commissions, petty cash
  2. Grant Funding Account – exclusively for grant funds – specific purpose
  3. Surplus Account – the account used to build up a funding surplus

A conservative financial project would have basic operations stabilised with some expected growth to
occur within the next 5 years.

Section 6: Target Customers and Industry Analysis
Coast FM needs to expand it’s demographic to include a number of different listeners as
indicated by the 2019 survey. It also needs to stabilise its current cohort of listeners with a
reliable signal, live on air staff, improved sponsor production announcements and expansion
of the selections from our music folders across all decades. The decrease in the interest of
some older music based programs should allow a shift into more current musical genres.
Examining the production of the local competing commercial and government services
indicate a desire for “local and live” productions with an alternative community access and a
solid easy listening musical base.
Section 7: Marketing Plan
Coast FM future marketing plan should include:
1. Expansion in to our eastern footprint (Devonport)
2. Seeking sponsorship for specific programs – Football coverage, Age Request program
any Outside Broadcasts and others
3. Expand our marketing from just broadcasting to web page sponsoring, streaming,
podcasting, newsletter, Outside Broadcasting and letterbox drops
4. Sponsorship should also be flexible to narrow and expand across markets for the
whole northwest coast.
5. Reassess current rate card regularly – set a consistent rate across all levels of
promotions – eliminate the irregularities with some old arrangements.
6. Purchase of an Outside Broadcast Vehicle to promote the awareness of the station to
the NW Coast market.
7. Upgrading our current Web Page to include e-commerce facilities and improved the
interface with ease of use and simple to upgrade information.
Section 10: Conclusion
Coast FM has the potential to improve its financial and awareness profile over the next 5
year period. Working within the current market there room to expand and to take Coast FM
to a much higher level of operation with a minimal load to our volunteers.